With Harper Lu was established late 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. With Harper Lu stands at the intersection of contemporary design and considered fashion. Our collections are vibrant, unique and meticulously crafted.
Intoxicating colours and patterns reflect our vibrant personality, while the attention to detail and quality-driven approach underscore our commitment to delivering an elevated fashion experience.
Inspiration for With Harper Lu comes from a range of sources, but beautiful fabrics are at the heart of our creative vision.



At With Harper Lu, creating sustainably minded designs has always been at the very core of our brand. We understand that everything we make has an impact on people and the planet.
Our limited drops have been a conscious decision to ensure turning a profit does not override our commitment to avoid oversupply & wastage headed for landfill. Supporting local manufacturers and suppliers in Melbourne, Australia has always been a non-negotiable for us and is crucial to the sustainability matrix.
Furthermore, we are committed to combating climate change by supporting our main charity of choice, Carbon Positive Australia.
Lucia & Cathie,