To enhance the life of your garment please ensure you follow garment care instructions carefully.
Due to the delicate nature of many of the fabrics we use please take extra care when wearing and washing. Rough surfaces, jewellery, and handbags can damage the fabric if not handled with care.
Tips for increasing the life of your garment:
    • Use individual care instructions when laundering your item.
    • Wash garments as infrequently as possible and wash in cold water. Air out garments to freshen them.
    • Steam garments in the bathroom whilst you shower, this can help to straighten out wrinkles and remove odours.
    • Avoid using the dryer. Dryers will damage clothing overtime and can decrease elasticity. Line dry upside down or flat drying on a clothes rack in the shade is the best option.
    • Delicate garments that can be machine washed must be put in a laundry bag. This will prevent pilling from clothing friction. Wash similar colors all together. Never mix multi colored items with whites. Turning clothes inside out (particularly denim) prevents fading.
    • Fold clothes along the seams to prevent unwanted creasing and maintain the shape of your clothing.
    • Beware of handbags, jewellery or heavy layering. This can damage your clothing.
    • Never pull your clothing up by belt loops or shoulder straps – this can damage the strap.
    • Do not layer delicate fabrics under heavy jackets - this may cause friction and damage the fibres of the fabric.
    • Never wring out delicate items – this will break the fabric fibres.
    • Invest in good quality hangers to protect the shoulders in your clothing.
    • Use careful garment ironing instructions and use a press cloth when ironing to protect the fabric.



Cold wash, do not bleach, do not wring, do not tumble try, warm iron only, do not iron print on our T-shirts.


Gentle machine wash in cold water using a gentle laundry detergent and wash separately. Do not soak, bleach, or wring. Dry without delay away from direct sunlight or heat, do not tumble dry, cool iron inside out, dry cleanable.


Gentle machine wash in cold water using a gentle laundry detergent and wash separately. Do not soak, bleach, or wring. Dry without delay away from direct sunlight or heat, do not tumble dry, cool iron only, dry cleanable.


Gentle machine wash in cold water, wash separately. Do not soak bleach or wring. Dry without delay away from sunlight or heat. Do not tumble dry. Cool iron only. Dry cleanable.

Cotton, Polyester & Elastane

Warm to cool hand wash (inside out) separately before use. Do not soak, bleach or tumble dry. Dry in shade, and use cool iron (inside out). Do not dry clean.

Viscose, Nylon, Elastane.

Warm hand wash, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, lay flat to dry, cool iron. Dry cleanable.

silk, lycra

Dry clean only recommended.

Please use the delicate low-heat silk setting when ironing. Turn the garment inside out and iron on the dull side of the silk. We recommend using a pressing cotton cloth to avoid ironing directly onto the silk. Steaming is best for this fabric.


Dry clean only.



Ensure your iron is on the correct temperature. We recommend using a press clothing, especially for delicates. To protect your garment, it is helpful to iron inside out.

Never iron directly on the design on the printed Oversized Tees.


All delicate items should be washed seperately in a laundry or protective wash bag. Do not soak items when hand washing. Always wash whites and coloured seperately.

Never overfill a washing machine. Clothing friction can cause pilling.

Avoid bleaching your clothing and use eco-friendly laundry detergents.


Use quality hangers to avoid damaging your items. If a garment is heavy we recommend folding this item rather than hanging.


A reputable altertions person is an amazing resource for garment repair and alterations.

dry cleaning

We suggest all dry cleaners read the care labels carefully prior to washing.


We recommend drying all items flat in the shade. Hang your clothes inside out when exposed to direct sunlight to prevent fading.

We do not recommend using a tumble dryer. Overuse of tumble drying risks shrinkage and pilling.


Pilling can occur when fibres are weakened from abrasrive friction. Friction can occur from heavy jackets, outerwear, handbags, jewellery, rough surfaces and incorrect washing or drying.

Pilling is not a sign of a faulty product, it is as a result of damage to the garment.