Due to the delicate nature of the extensive array of different fabrications, it is important to take extra care when washing and wearing your With Harper Lu pieces. External sources such as rough surfaces, jewellery and handbags have the potential to damage the fabric and construction of your garment. Although each item has its own individual care instructions, we kindly encourage all customers to carefully follow the Garment Guide below to prolong the longevity of every item.



    • - When garments can be laundered in the machine, always select a gentle, cold cycle.
    • - Only wash garments when necessary - lowering the frequency of laundering garments will inevitably aid in prolonging the life of your garment.
    • - Avoid utilising the dyer where possible - dryers can damage clothing overtime and decrease elasticity.
    • - Instead, line dry garments upside down or flat - preferably in the shade where possible to avoid fading.
    • - A wash bag must be used for all delicate garments - this will prevent pilling, snagging and overall clothing friction.
    • - Once laundered, fold garments along the seams to prevent unwanted creasing and maintain the shape of your clothing.
    • - Never pull your clothing up by the belt loops or shoulder straps - this can compromise the strap.
    • - Do not layer delicate fabrications under heavy outerwear or jewellery - this may cause friction and damage the fabrication.
    • - Never wring out garments - this will break the fibres and distort the garments shape.
    • - Please be careful when ironing and use a press cloth to protect the fabric - never directly iron on the artwork/ print.


    • Ensure your iron is at the correct temperature.
    • We recommend using a press cloth, especially for prints and delicates.
    • To protect your garment and the print of the fabric, we suggest turning garments inside out.
    • It is important to never iron directly on the design of the printed Oversized Tees.


    • All items that can be washed in the machine, must be washed separately in a laundry, delicate or protective wash bag.

    • All items must be turned inside out when laundering.

    • Do not soak, bleach, wring, wet rub or tumble dry any With Harper Lu items. Always wash whites and coloured separately.

    • Never overfill a washing machine - clothing friction can cause pilling.

    • Hand washing is always recommended first.


    • We recommend drying all items flat in the shade, avoiding sun where possible.

    • Hang your clothes inside out when exposed to direct sunlight to prevent fading.

    • Do not tumble dry any With Harper Lu items.


    • We strongly recommend investing in good quality clothes hangers to avoid damaging your items.

    • If garments are heavy we recommend folding this item rather than hanging to avoid stretching.


    • Pilling can occur when fibres are weakened from abrasive friction.

    • Friction can occur from heavy jackets, outerwear, handbags, jewellery, rough surfaces and incorrect washing or drying.

    • Pilling is not a sign of a faulty product, it is as a result of damage to the garment.


    • A reputable alterations person is an amazing resource for gament repair and alterations.