Our signature Slip Dress is the epitome of Resort Wear. It is designed to make a statement and drape beautifully, perfect for any occasion where you want to leave a lasting impression.

We were originally inspired to create a maxi dress that was classic and flattering for all body types. The first colourway we worked on was the original black base with the striking pink Lily Floral print. The goal was to design a contemporary silhouette suitable for every occasion that creates a flattering and alluring shape.

Developing the original design was a careful, considered process. The exact placement of the Lily print was crucial, as finding the right design created a beautiful balance. We endured a thorough sampling process, complete with trials and tests before finally perfecting the design. We wanted the dress to be a statement, but we also wanted to create a floral dress that could be beloved, even by customers who weren’t usually ‘floral people’. Our team was also highly aware of ensuring the fabric and lining was supportive, we chose to double-line the dress with a firm, but slightly stretchy fabric to do this, along with the adjustable straps.

Despite the challenges, the process of designing and producing the dress was invaluable. Our team learned the importance of trusting our instincts and never giving up.. When we saw the final design, the jubilation, pride and excitement of what we had created began to settle in.


Once we launched the first Slip Dress, we were taken aback by the sheer demand and praise we received globally. Our team is still amazed by the constant requests for re-stocks, hence, we are beyond excited to share the new colourways.


The newest editions brought on another layer of excitement to the design process. Our team wanted to ensure that the new designs were fresh, chic and fun and also different to what we have released in the past. Therefore, our customers that loved the previous additions could wear and love the new colourways as well. For this release, we created what we believe are the perfect dresses for Australian summer events, day into night. We are so excited to release these and share the sense of summer bliss they evoke.


Each drop of Slip Dresses have been met with the most fulfilling response from our wonderful customers. From the original Lily Floral and Midnight Lily Floral launches, to the Valentina and Rivera editions, the Indigo Blossom and Mech Fuchsia Bloom, and recently, the Mini Slip Dress in Blush Graphite, each drop has allowed us to express our creativity and see our beautiful customers wearing their perfect summer dresses. Our team is overjoyed with anticipation to release our latest editions and see our remarkable community wearing and styling them.