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APRIL 20TH, 2024

An evening at the A-ESQUE Atelier

A-ESQUE, established in 2012 by Amanda Rettig, specializes in crafting contemporary luxury leather handbags. Australia. A-ESQUE's Richmond Atelier serves as both a workshop for ethically producing its handbag range and a venue for hosting events that celebrate inspiring female entrepreneurs, fostering dialogue, and honoring contributors to the Australian Fashion Industry.

At the Atelier

With Harper Lu had the privilege of being featured at an event organised by Amanda and her team, which celebrated the brands' dedication to crafting beautiful, timeless pieces.

The gathering took place in A-ESQUE's Atelier and was hosted by Lucia Hanna, Co-Founder of With Harper Lu. Seventy members of the Melbourne fashion community, including supporters and friends of both brands, came together to honor With Harper Lu.

Creative Process

Throughout the evening, guests had the chance to listen to both Lucia Hanna and Cathie Burke as they shared insights into their creative processes. They emphasized the significance of supporting the Australian manufacturing industry and fostering these connections throughout the design journey. Lucia and Cathie delved into the challenges of establishing an ethically produced brand, alongside the thrill and satisfaction of cultivating a brand cherished by customers both locally in Australia and internationally.

Every aspect of the soirée was meticulously curated by organisers from A-ESQUE and With Harper Lu.

The Guests

Throughout the evening at the atelier, guests were treated to catering by event chef and food stylist Emma Rosenberg. Emma's team from her business, Food Creative, crafted a selection of exquisite canapés for everyone to savor.

Additionally, Lui, another inspiring female-led business founded by Rebecca Harding, made a meaningful contribution to the event. The brand generously provided each guest with one of their remarkable Vegan shaving creams, and attendees had the opportunity to engage with Rebecca and learn more about Lui throughout the night.

The Atelier was intentionally designed to facilitate mingling and networking among guests, all while immersing them in the creative ambiance, providing a glimpse into the brands' creative processes. The latest collections from both brands adorned the space, inviting guests to peruse and style to their heart's content.

Attendees showcased pieces from With Harper Lu's recent collections, Bella Notte and Catalyst. Each garment featured romantic, classic silhouettes infused with a modern twist, boasting vibrant floral prints uniquely crafted in-house. Every guest radiated beauty in their With Harper Lu attire, complemented by one of A-ESQUE's exquisite creations.



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