WITH HARPER LU x By Poppy Collaboration

WITH HARPER LU x By Poppy Collaboration

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Discover our limited edition collaboration between With Harper Lu and By Poppy. The two-piece capsule features our classic oversized t-shirt silhouettes paired with effortlessly cool bespoke prints designed by our creative muse, By Poppy. 

The inspiration behind By Poppy's artwork can be drawn from the 90s, experimenting with layering loud and edgy designs to create unexpected harmony. Learn more about our favourite graphic artist and take a behind the scenes peek at our exclusive collaboration.



- Where are you based?

I’m based in Perth, Western Australia. So lucky to be surrounded by some of the best beaches & perfect weather!

- How would you define your individual style and what is your go to item?

I think my style is quite simple, I have a few staple & timeless items that I spice up with a bright top or skirt on occasion. My go to item is a plain, good quality mini skirt - I gravitate towards a mini even in cold weather, adding an oversized leather jacket and boots.

- Who is your fashion icon?

I'm obsessed with everything Dua Lipa wears, so Dua and her stylist Lorenzo Posocco.



- How did you start in fashion graphic design and any advice to new graphic designers?

I started fashion graphic design creating graphics for hoodies & t-shirts which progressed into repeat patterns when I was approached by With Harper Lu! My Advice is never be afraid to try new things, I had no experience in the fashion side of design, but I gave it a go and it paid off!

 - What inspires your art?

There’s no overarching inspiration for all my art, as a lot of the time it varies in themes and content. I just try to make stuff that looks cool & that makes me proud.

My art tends to be more loud and edgy, often inspired by the 90s. As seen in my collage work I enjoy layering & experimenting, leading to an unexpected harmonious design. I really enjoyed merging the edginess of my brand (seen in the colouring & bold text) with With Harper Lu’s soft floral persona (seen in the background graphics)

 - What is your favourite fashion era and why?

I really love the 1960s for fashion - I think the major shift in culture allowed for liberation and excitement in fashion. More bold colours, risqué sheer dresses & mini skirts - very much popular in today’s world.



- What is your proudest moment?

I think seeing people out in public wearing something I have created for a brand, always so special.

 - What does a day in the life of Poppy usually look like?

A day in my life begins with coffee, then sitting at my computer working or tuning in to zoom meetings, usually a few voice memos with Lucia - then unfortunately more screen time, winding down watching love island.

- What does your future look like in graphic design?

I’m not entirely sure, which is the exciting part! Graphic design & fashion is constantly changing although my interest in it never will. I hope to delve deeper into fashion in the future, whether it is freelance or working in-house.



- What is your favourite item from With Harper Lu right now?

I’m obsessed with the Riviera Slip Dress, perfect for Euro summer. Also the Contrast Bodice - a timeless, good quality staple everyone needs. 

- What do these collaboration Tee’s mean to you?

These Tee’s mean a lot, Lucia & Cathie have been such amazing people to work with throughout my introduction to the fashion space-  it has been a pleasure to collaborate over the last couple of years and this collection highlights that so beautifully. 

- What can we expect to see from By Poppy in 2023? 

You can expect to see a lot more fashion prints for With Harper Lu! Also an array of projects from 2022 that are yet to be released. I’m also wanting to create a lot more behind the scenes content whether it is on Instagram or TikTok.

Poppy Oversized Tee

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